A day in the life - baldy and the fidget

Baldy and The Fidget are a husband and wife (Heidi and Angus) team based in sunny East London, creating fabulous greetings cards and giclee prints. Here’s a peek into a day in the life of running their creative business.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business

Our style is light hearted with the aim to put a smile on your face.

Baldy is a graphic designer who was born in Holland but met Fidget at school in Cheshire in North West England, before moving to South Africa for his teenage years. Fidget is an artist/designer who grew up in Cheshire but moved to London to study at Central St Martins. 

Facebook reunited us both not long after Baldy moved back to the UK. The rest is history!

Baldy And The Fidget was created in 2015 not long after Fidget junior was born. 

Since then, our collection of prints has become a large range of prints and greetings cards. Our cat collections are our most popular designs. We sell globally but design and make everything in the UK.

A day in the life - baldy and the fidget

A day in the life – what does a day of running your creative business look like?

Wake up/start to the day – The morning starts with getting Fidget Junior announcing loudly that he is now awake. This follows with getting ready for school, having breakfast, pointing out to everyone that we need to leave in 5 mins and then rushing to complete the school run!

Start work / morning – Once back after the school rush/mayhem, the kettle goes on for a cuppa. Nothing is started without a recovery cuppa!

We work from home mostly. Each morning starts with checking and answering emails. This can vary in time depending on the season or if there is a sales event on. If there aren’t many emails, it allows time to focus on which print to create next.

Fidget has a notebook of ideas for future prints so not to forget those random lightbulb inspiration moments.

Moo and Archie (our cats) usually appear seeking attention whilst we are trying to concentrate on work. 

There have been times when the odd cat footprint has appeared on painted/illustrated test sheets! This is followed by cat treat coaxing to move them to a different location in the house.

Lunchtime – Usually we stop for a lunch break, but at busy times lunch can be a mug of soup to slurp whilst continuing with our work.

Afternoon/finish work – Currently we have a lot of Christmas orders, especially the new cards. Afternoons are often spent packing up orders to head out in the morning.

Work continues until 3pm for Fidget as the school run starts again. Baldy will carry on working until 6. 

The whirlwind of Fidget Junior will sweep through the house once home as we rush to head to after school clubs.

Evening – Work mostly stops at 6 but will depend on the workload and may run later. Part of the evening will be spent with our son and then once he goes to bed we can relax on the sofa and catch up on the latest tv show. 

What’s your favourite:

Creative activity: Our son loves drawing but we all HAVE to draw at the same time with him (apparently!). Common themes are new Pokemon, aliens and monsters.

Snack & drink: We love old school Irn Bru (not sugar free). Fidget is a crisp-oholic and Baldy loves biscuits.

TV series: We love Queen of The South, but having just finished that, we are checking out what the fuss is about for Squid Games.

Film: Fidget loves Labyrinth (An oldy but a goody), Baldy loves The Jungle Book

Book/blog/magazine: Fidget is currently reading a beast of a book called Perdido Street Station by China Mieville. We both love our graphic novels too.

Self-care: A cuppa, a biscuit and a good chin wag with a friend.

Guilty pleasure: Gogglebox

Thanks so much Heidi and Angus – your day sounds super creative and filled with love!