A Day in the life - creative pickle

Claire of Creative Pickle is a graphic designer, who creates gorgeous art prints and flashcards for children. Here’s a peek into a day in the life of running her creative business.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business 

Hi, I’m Claire, I live in Reigate with my husband and daughter. I’ve been a graphic designer since leaving school, it’s the only job I’ve ever known and I’m so lucky to have worked in such a diverse industry, doing a job that I love. 

Creative Pickle has always been a dream of mine but working in London and leading a hectic lifestyle meant that there wasn’t any time to begin my dream. Funny how having a child and being stuck at home with no work during a pandemic can get an idea started! I look back now and realise it was a crazy time to start but I love a challenge!

I’ve been running for over a year now and my original designs were personalised alphabet prints for children. I wanted to start a range that was fun, bright and engaging but also educational, so I begun by creating an animal alphabet collection. This includes personalised and non personalised posters, a full A-Z print and flash cards, including number and alphabet versions.  

I’ve just launched a new transport range which includes a full A-Z print, flash cards and personalised prints.

Tell us what you’re up to at each part of the day:

Wake up/start to the day – I’m normally woken early by the smallest Pickle calling “Mummy, Daddy, come on!”

We focus on getting her ready and to nursery, then head back for breakfast and a well deserved coffee. 

Start work / morning – I have a million things to do in my head, so I need to write a list otherwise I wouldn’t get anything done! I normally spend the morning either working on a new idea or creating customers orders and getting them ready to post. The product that I’ve recently completed is my 1-10 animal numbers print, it’s a great addition to the animal collection and such a fun way to learn numbers in a visual and colourful way.

Lunchtime – My lunch breaks are very short and quick – I feel there’s a timer counting the time down far too quickly before I need to pack up for the day!

Afternoon/finish work – I normally spend the afternoon doing admin and ticking the small bits off the list before I go and collect my daughter. If I’ve got a market coming up then I’m normally getting everything printed and packed up for that. I like to be organised for market day and have everything ready in a few boxes. If I didn’t, I’d only forget something crucial!

Evening – After getting my daughter to bed, my husband and I cook dinner and have a well deserved relaxing evening watching TV. I will admit that some nights I do sit with my laptop and continue to work!

What’s your favourite:

Creative activity: Colouring with my daughter, not that I’m allowed to join in that much, she’s very independent!

Snack & drink: I do love a chocolate snack but I have been getting back into marshmallows recently. I do like to relax with a Gin in the evening but I’m not a fan of tonic, so I have lemonade – don’t judge me!

TV series: We’ve just finished watching Vigil and were debating what to start next – Angela Black or Married at First Sight Australia! Once again, don’t judge me!

Film: Just a nice feel good movie or comedy. I’m still a fan of Dirty Dancing though.

Book/blog/magazine: Peter James’ Roy Grace series

Self-care: Walking always takes my mind off things and I love snuggling up with a book.

Guilty pleasure: Vanilla Lattes.

Thanks so much Claire – so lovely to hear how you balance family life and running your creative business.