FAQS for Stallholders

To download the Instagram marketing images for the market and for information on promoting the market – click here.

How do the online markets work?

Stallholders submit their stall information including up to 6 product photos.

Each online market is live on our website for the specific market dates. There is a main ‘Shop the Market’ page, with a list of product categories available. Visitors click the categories they would like to view and are taken to that category page to view the stallholder profiles with their product galleries.

Your stallholder profile including your business name, description, links and exclusive market offer code along with up to 6 product images will be shown on the category page you have chosen. When visitors click any of your six images, they are directed straight to your online shop to purchase. All sales are made in your online shop.

How many images can I submit?

Up to a maximum of 6 (less than 6 is fine).

How many products can I feature per photo?

Each photo needs to focus on one product but you can have more than one of the same product within a photo e.g. if you want to show different colour options/personalisation options as long as it’s not a collage of images.

Why are my photos being cut off/cropped when I upload them?

The submission form auto crops the images you upload to ensure they are square to fit the market format. Ideally, photos for the market need to be square.

If your photos don’t look right once they have been cropped, you will need to upload a different photo or edit the current photo.

If you are unable to take square photos (such as using the square option on an iPhone), there are options to resize existing images. You could resize your original photo and then upload it again to the website.

Free websites, such as https://www.picfont.com enable you to upload each photo and resize to square. We recommend you undertake your own research if you are going to use a resizing website and use one you are comfortable with.

Using Picfont on a desktop, you upload your photo, click the resize box on the top menu with two arrows (one arrow pointing up and one arrow pointing down), enter 600 x 600 and click resize.

Then, to download and save – go to the down facing arrow box on the top menu, choose Jpeg, open the download and save.

Are you showing a description of each product and the price?

We are only showing your collection of product images underneath your business profile. When visitors click any of your images, they will be directed to your online shop to view the product descriptions and prices. This will encourage visitors to visit your online shop and view your whole range!

What should my Market Exclusive offer or discount code be?

It could be a discount code e.g. for 10% off. This can be for your whole shop, just market items or specific products – whatever works best for you.

A few stallholders from the previous market said it was difficult to track the market sales as they’d used a specific product discount code. Where as the stallholders whose code applied to all orders could easily see market sales (although it’s not 100% as we know some customers forgot to use the codes because they message us!).


It could be a offer code e.g. for free shipping, free gift wrapping, a free gift or any other offer of your choice.

You can use any code that you like, but ideally it will be linked to the market name e.g. LOVEINDIE10.

The code needs to be set up now in your online shop to go live at least 3 days before the market (as the Facebook ad campaign begins before the official opening). Please test your code works!

We are asking stallholders not to give out the code on social media to encourage followers to visit the market website to help increase exposure for all stallholders.

The market will close at 10pm on Saturday evening.

What is a Market Exclusive product and is it compulsory?

A Market Exclusive is a product you haven’t offered for sale before the market. It might be a new product that you’re launching. However, it doesn’t have to be a completely new product. For example, it could be an exclusive colour of an existing product or an exclusive set of existing products as a new offering.

Market Exclusives are optional but it would be fantastic if you can include a market exclusive product in your online stall. Tick the Market Exclusive Box next to the relevant products on the submission form and we will highlight these as ‘Market Exclusives’.

Can I have a list of the other stallholders involved so that I can follow them?

As there are up often up to 160 stall holders, we’re not able to provide a list. However, if you search on the #shopsmallloveindie tag after the first Instagram marketing post (search by recent), you should find most of the stallholders. Just look for the posts that have the market date image that you are taking part in.

Can I provide a link to the Market for my followers?

Absolutely! If you want to put a link to the market in your Linktree, bio, newsletter, swipe up, Facebook post, Tweet etc – please use: https://www.shopsmallloveindie.co.uk

What if I have a question not answered here?

Please email stallholders@shopsmallloveindie.co.uk if you have any other questions.