Instagram marketing images for posting to your grid and Stories

Important Information about promoting the market – please read this page carefully.

Please download and save the images below to post on your Instagram grid and Stories on the dates below with the wording and hashtags for your captions. Please keep them on your grid until the market has closed.

It is an essential part of being a stallholder that everyone posts the three branded images on their grid. This ensures the market is easily recognisable and that it is being well promoted for the benefit of all stallholders. The images can be removed from your grid as soon as the market is finished if you wish.

If you are posting a multi-image post – please ensure the branded image is the first picture of the post.

Feel free to post anything else to promote the market and tag us in @shopsmallloveindie, including sneak peeks. You might want to add a countdown timer in Stories for the market.

We also kindly ask that you promote the market in Stories over the market weekend and tag in @shopsmallloveindie

During the live market, it would be amazing if you have time to share a few other stallholders taking part in the market in your Stories to help each other as a community.

Please don’t reveal your market exclusive code on social media as we are using the offer codes to help drive traffic to the market website for the benefit of all stallholders. Tell your followers to visit the market to get your exclusive offer!

How are the online markets promoted for all stallholders?

Our aim is to drive all traffic to the market website so that market visitors can view the stallholders involved and obtain the exclusive offer codes. From the market website, visitors can then easily visit stallholders’ online shops to purchase.

Shop Small Love Indie heavily promotes the market on their social media channels.  Posts include a collage of product photos for each category, ensuring each stallholder is promoted and tagged on Instagram during the live market. We then use these collages in a promotional video for the market.

Shop Small Love Indie also undertakes paid advertising on social media and external event websites.

Each stallholder involved in the market also agrees to post three market branded Instagram posts to help promote the market to their followers.

Instagram images, text and hashtags

Please set a reminder for these posting dates!

Right click the image and choose save as to save to a desktop or tap the image and save if using a smartphone or tablet.

Image for posting 2.3.21
Image for posting 12.3.21 10am (or soon after this time)
Image for posting 13.3.21 AM

Please use the text & hashtags below for your captions – you can add to this text if you wish:

Caption for Image 1: Exciting news! We’re taking part in the @shopsmallloveindie online market on 12th- 13th March at There will be an amazing range of products and exclusive offers!

Caption for Image 2: The @shopsmallloveindie online market is open! Visit the website to view the whole market with fantastic products and a market exclusive offer from every stallholder!

Caption for Image 3: The @shopsmallloveindie online market closes tonight (Saturday) at 10pm! Don’t miss out! Visit the website to view the whole market with gorgeous products and a market exclusive offer from every stallholder!

Hashtags to use:

#shopsmallloveindie⁠ #shopsmall #shopsmallbiz #shopsmallandhappy #shopindependent #supportsmallbusiness #supportthemakers #indiemaker ⁠ #makersofig #indiemakers #shopsmalllove #onlinemarket #creativesoninstagram #independentbusiness #creativesmallbusiness #makersgonnamake #maker #smallbusinessowner #smallbiz #supportsmallbusinesses #virtualmarket #buyunique #smallbusinesslove #supportindependents #makercommunity #communityovercompetition #supportsmall

You can also use these images, text and hashtags to promote the market across your other social media channels.

Any other promotion, shares or comments of our social media posts would be greatly appreciated. Our social media links are below so you can give us a follow and easily re-share our posts if you’d like to.

If you want extra exposure on social media

For post 1 – after you have posted to your grid, if you also share to Stories and manually tag us @shopsmallloveindie, we will reshare in our Stories to show our followers who is taking part in the market.

During the market – We reshare to Stories if you manually tag us @shopsmallloveindie in your Stories when you share your market product photos. Ideally, share individual market product images so we can reshare large images of your products to our followers in Stories.

We don’t reshare post 2 and 3 marketing images during the market as we want our Stories to be full of your market products!

Unfortunately, we can’t reshare videos or reels.

Event listing on our Facebook Page

We have added the market as an event listing on our Facebook page – if you could click this link and click ‘going’ and share the event with your followers, we would really appreciate it to help boost exposure for the market:

If you’d like some tips on getting the most out of an online market, click here to read our blog post.

How to share an Instagram post image to Stories (your post or someone else’s)

  1. Go to the post.
  2. Click the arrow underneath the post and choose ‘add post to your story’.
  3. If you want the account to be notified that you’ve shared the post, click the smiley face icon at the top and then click @mention. Start to type the user account and it should show icons of account options below this so tap the correct account icon. Once you’ve chosen the account, you can drag this to move it. Without doing this, the account you’ve shared won’t see that you have shared this.
  4. If you want to add information e.g. about the market – click Aa at the top, type your message, then click done.
  5. Choose ‘Your story’ at the bottom to share.