Keep On Shopping Small Campaign

We know things have been quieter day to day for a lot of small, independent businesses since lockdown lifted so we want to do something to help!

On Friday 8th October, we’re holding our third free ‘Keep On Shopping Small’ Day to work together as a community to help bring free exposure to indie businesses and remind people that shopping small is not just for lockdown!

To join in:

Download the free shareable image below and add your product photo to the blue box using photo editing software (e.g. Photoshop, Canva, Affinity etc – whatever you feel comfortable using!).

Post the image to your grid (and Stories) on 8th October with the hashtag #keeponshoppingsmall. We’ve included some optional text and hashtags below.

After posting, find at least 4 new indie businesses through the hashtag #keeponshoppingsmall – who post the image – and share their images in your Stories (tagging each small business) – a pay it forward system so hopefully everyone gets lots of new exposure on the day. See instructions below if you’re not sure how to share to Stories.

We pledge to share at least 50 businesses (who share the image and use the #) in our Stories . We will especially be looking out for people who are being super supportive sharers!

Download the image:

Right click on the image and save on a desktop or tap and save on a smart phone:

Optional text to add to your post to explain about the campaign:

Today is #keeponshoppingsmall day, organised by @shopsmallloveindie to work together as a community to help give free exposure to small, independent business.

It’s really important to keep supporting the small, independent businesses who we relied upon through lockdown when the big shops were shut. Search #keeponshoppingsmall for amazing small businesses you can support!

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How to share an Instagram post image to Stories (your post or someone else’s)

  1. Go to the post.
  2. Click the arrow underneath the post and choose ‘add post to your story’.
  3. If you want the account to be notified that you’ve shared the post, click the smiley face icon at the top and then click @mention. Start to type the user account and it should show icons of account options below this so tap the correct account icon. Once you’ve chosen the account, you can drag this to move it. Without doing this, the account you’ve shared won’t see that you have shared this.
  4. If you want to add information e.g. about the market – click Aa at the top, type your message, then click done.
  5. Choose ‘Your story’ at the bottom to share.